Seychelles CSL Company

A Seychelles CSL is a Seychelles domestic business company registered with Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA) and issued with a Special License (CSL) governed by the Companies (Special License) Act 2003, and Companies Ordinance 1972.

A CSL must have a minimum of two shareholders (corporate or individual), a minimum of two directors who may be individuals of any nationality, with particulars of shareholders and directors filed with the Registrar. The Registered office, the Licensed Corporate Service Provider, and Company Secretary are required to be in Seychelles, as a CSL should be “effectively managed” in Seychelles.

A Company Special License is liable for 1.5% tax on its worldwide income but is entitled to enjoy the benefits of the Double Taxation Agreements that Seychelles have established with a number of countries.

Some of the main features of a CSL are summarised below:

  1. Taxation
    A Seychelles CSL is taxed at 1.5% on its worldwide income but has complete exemption from withholding tax and has full treaty access.

  2. Capital Requirements
    There is no minimum share capital required and any currency may denominate the share capital.

  3. Directors and Shareholders
    A minimum of two directors and two shareholders are required. Corporate directors are not allowed.

  4. Classes of shares
    A CSL shall not issue bearer shares.

  5. Filing Requirements
    Accounts, returns and beneficial ownership information of a CSL must be filed at the Registrar’s office, but these are not made public. Books and records must be kept for all companies, but these do not have to be filed at the Registrar’s office.

  6. Secretary
    There is requirement for a company secretary resident of Seychelles or a body corporate incorporated in Seychelles.

  7. Registered Office
    A CSL should have its Registered Office in the Seychelles.

  8. Confidentiality
    An application accompanied by the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the names and addresses of the beneficial owners and a written declaration containing the names and addresses of the directors and company secretary are filed with the authorities.

  9. Migration of domicile
    Migration of domicile

MITCO Ltd in the Seychelles may assist you in setting up a Seychelles CSL.