MITCO understands that the business landscape is changing and the digital world is expanding at a phenomenal rate and any organisation must keep pace with this ever-changing marketing environment to position itself vis à vis its competitors.  Having this constant mindset of developing new services to offer a unique point of contact to our clients, MITCO has a dedicated team which shall provide digital marketing assistance.


1. Social Media Marketing and Advertising

The use of social media to improve your brand presence and attract new customers.

  • Creation of social media network – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Animation of your social media pages with high quality content
  • Creation of Campaign to create the buzz and reach/target your audience

2. Email Marketing

The goal of email is to trigger clicks and direct traffic to your website or social media pages.

  • Email template design of newsletters, promotions, special events and other useful information
  • Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) – (consist of customer segmentation, campaign management etc.

3. Public Relations Marketing / Event Planning

Public relations play a vital role in marketing your brand in this competitive landscape.

  • Assistance in launching of new products and liaise with services providers
  • Assistance and guidance for drafting of publication in local newspapers
  • Coordination with the local newspapers to publish articles

4. Market Study and Research

  • Qualitative and quantitative research to evaluate the potential of your products and services in the Mauritian Market.

5. Influencer Marketing

If you are targeting the millennial market, your brand should be where they are. Working with influencers who can promote your brand or product offering may be very well effective.

  • Contact the relevant influencers for your brand
  • Collaborate with the influencers by providing valuable content to communicate the right brand message to existing and new clients



For more information, please contact:

The Business Development Team by email or

phone them on + 230 404 8000.