For enhancing the demand for Mauritian products, the Government is embarking in setting up Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in key African countries, such as Senegal, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Madagascar. In that respect, the agreement for the continental Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in Africa is being finalized.

In pursuance of the Africa Strategy, Government is:

  • Launching the Twin Technology Towers in Technology Park in Grand Bassam, Côte d’Ivoire through private sector investment. This project is driven by the Mauritius-Africa Fund.
  • Developing Phase 2 of the “Parc Industriel International” in Senegal.
  • Introducing a 5-year tax holiday for Mauritian companies collaborating with the Mauritius Africa Fund for the development of infrastructure in the Special Economic Zones. The tax holiday will cover investments in SEZ infrastructure development and will benefit two eligible categories of firms: project developers and project financing institutions
  • Setting up a loan guarantee facility in collaboration with the European Union in order to support cross border investment.
  • Setting up an Africa Infrastructure and Industrialisation Fund by the State Bank of Mauritius and the Mauritius Africa Fund to assist Mauritian investors to execute projects in the SEZs on the African continent.



Mauritius is consolidating its position as the gateway to Africa, coupled with the wide network of bilateral agreements, comprising 22 Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties (DTAs) and 23 Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (IPPAs) already signed with African states.